Co-Artist director of  SoundBoxed from 2013-2016. Immersive rave theatre, original multidisciplinary devised performances.

'SoundBoxed Collective creates a spiritual pre-text to its performance that, without words, indicates the oncoming of a ritual, a cult activity, possibly even a sacrifice.The audience are left to look on as The Karen gorges on its own hedonistic pleasures; the music and sermons and chanting swell to an all-consuming climax, Cunningham’s deep, soulful voice punctuates the din, and The Karen is no more.' Exeunt Magazine

                                                                                                                                                                               THE DEVELOPMENT     

THE KAREN          


''Racy and occasionally dark comedic performances and slick physical routines – particularly from our messiah, Jeremiah (DANIEL P CUNNINGHAM), who blends Charles Manson charm with Ali G rudeboy behaviour – give the piece pace'' Time Out

''Daniel Cunningham plays mesmerising cult-leader Jeremiah and was so other    worldly as he chanted about the river Ganges and caressed my face, I was on the verge of signing up to The Development myself'' The Ill informed Critic

Uploaded by SOUNDBOXED COLLECTIVE on 2016-02-07.


  • Lady Vendredi and the Vendettas- Steve Reid Innovation award showcase @ The Forge Camden November 2015 
  • LADY VENDREDI: Battle Cry-Roundhouse and SouthBank Centre Africa Utopia Festival 2015
  • 'The Resolution Studio' For Battersea Arts Centre with Will Dickie. DJ Always Will and Jeremiah Isaacs, 2014.
  • 'Interlude' for the Battersea Arts Centre and ToynBee Studios-Composed by Jenny Minton
  • 'Lady Vendredi's Baadaas BloodQuest' Latitude Festival, Directed by Jonathan Grieve/ Mas Productions
  • 'Caesarean Section: Essays On Suicide'  by Teatr ZAR for the Battersea Arts Centre, Edinburgh, Wroclaw Poland, Directed by Jaroslaw Fret PARIS-UNESCO, WROCLAW POLAND, EDINBURGH, LONDON, MADRID. Total Theatre award winner for Physical Vocal category 2012
 Photo: Magdalena Mądra

Photo: Magdalena Mądra


Member of International physical and vocal theatre ensemble Theatre ZAR from 2011-2013  [Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw poland]. 

World Theatre Day 2012, Paris:

Daniel Cunningham vocals with Theatre ZAR

Teatr ZAR - Chants of the Christian Easter organisé par l'Institut International duThéatre ITI Mars 22 2012 à l'UNESCO, PARIS