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I am a visiting lecturer at Rose Bruford School of Theatre and Performance on the European Theatre Arts degree. I lead performance preparation for final year students, and take on guest directing/devising modules. I also guest lecture on the Foundation Acting programme, as well as guest lectures for students of Acting & World Theatre (BA Hons) at Regents University London. 

My work is rooted in the vision and practice of seminal performance maker Jerzy Grotowski but from a queer perspective.

My practice can be be shortened, lengthened or edited according to the needs of the session. 

Core to my practice is a commitment to queer politics and queer theory embracing the fluidity of identity, disciplines and genres. The emphasis is on a sustainable process for sustainable performance practice. 

Participation: Adult company with Oval house 

High: Mass Movement [Inner City Ceremonies, 2018] is a process open to those interested in getting high through movement, music and political ritual. Facilitated by performance artist Daniel P Cunningham, the process is created in close collaboration with Dr. Mark James Hamilton [Scholar of holistic practices]. 

H:MM Is like a rave but without the drugs,
It’s like religion but without the dogma. 

Be aware that this is a queer process (open to anyone),                       

radical acceptance of self and others is a necessary part of the process. 

High: Mass Movement aims to ground participants in the present and allow them to begin mapping the inner connections of body, voice and soul. 

Spectators will be invited to witness or participate in our ceremonies, towards the end of the 12 week process.

Many voices, many bodies, many dreams, collective power!