'The workshop weekend for me was so helpful and inspiring. The training and the exercises were expertly scaffolded so that everyone felt safe and confident at each new step. The training has roots in Boel's and Grotowski's work, but has been developed by the concepts of ensemble and unlocking the subconscious focus. This is key to Dan's unique training that works to train the mind and body concurrently, whilst also subtlety and delicately unlocking the performer's inhibitions. This is an amazing method for creating solo work from an organic and somewhat ritualistic perspective that is powerful for the performer and audience combined.' kirsty wyatt


High: Mass Movement (Previously 'Homeo-Ecstatic Remedies') is for anyone interested in getting high through movement, music and connection with oneself and with others. 

The practice is like a rave but without the drugs. 

Its like Church but without the dogma. 

The work we lead is rooted in the vision and practice of seminal performance maker Jerzy Grotowski. We depart from other continuations of the Polish experimental theatre model, however, in a key way: we engage directly with experiences of ‘queerness’ in its widest meaning. That is, we invite all participants to celebrate how their unique identities complicate lines of sexuality, gender, culture or nationality. Our work embraces contradictions. We use a widely diverse range of music to support this process — merging the electronic drum rhythms of rave, the lyrics of hip-hop, the polyphonic choirs of the Eastern liturgy and Hindu devotional choruses. (We are now developing live music and original recordings to expand this aspect of our work.) 


High: Mass Movement can be shortened, lengthened or edited according to the needs of the session. It is conducted to an eclectic soundtrack of music selected for its breadth of rhythm and its intensity or by live musicians. The beginning involves the participants becoming aligned and attuned to themselves, one another and the working space via yoga-inspired breath-body work and singing open tone scales, chants and songs from Indian and east European traditions. These activities ground the participants in the present and help them begin mapping the inner connections of body, voice and soul. 

Photography by Hannah Anketell 


'I recently attended my first session of 'High: Mass Movement'. Dan and Mark have done something rare - they've created an original, accomplished and meaningful body of work, without succumbing to the egoic lights of their own brilliance. This is truly refreshing, and allows participants to follow their lead whilst remaining firmly rooted in their own potency. The work itself is a discipline that calls to primordial embodiment, to the loosening of constraint and to the unearthing of lost freedoms. I left the session invigorated and with my creative fires burning bright. Dan and Mark carry themselves with real kindness and connect authentically, whilst delivering this exhilarating and challenging practice to others. I intend to get in the room with them as often as possible'. Naomi Lewis. The Sacred Trust

'I had the most amazing weekend! From beginning to end I felt safe to explore the tools we were offered.' Natalie Scott

'There is an immense level of care and responsibility that comes with the work. I felt guided and nurtured to explore the limits of my body and imagination. What particularly resonated was the use of music that in the end led me to a place I felt i had never been before and opened me up emotionally. I left with a creaving to revisit this again' Antigoni Spanou