Performance Information

Puja Fest 2017 is dedicated to Devi as the Creatrix, the Divine Mother. Come join us at Colet House, a sacred space for sacred arts. Offer your songs and your dances in celebration of Devi.

Puja Fest 2017 will begin with the debut of three of the Society’s classical Indian dance students. It will close with communal songs joining the names and images of the Goddess with the names and images of our earthly mothers. Bring the names of your mothers — living and dead, blood-relatives and adopted, all who have nurtured your life. Bring their images — photographs, artworks, mementos, symbols. We will sing their names. We will celebrate their images. We will invite a mother present to represent all mothers and to be bathed in petals…

This is a dedication to the main Mother and all our birth Mothers - those who live and those who have passed. Bring the names, photos, or your real mamas to make offerings in celebration of the Ones who held us in their womb. 

Creatrix: Cosmic Mother is Trance-Mantra that Opens the Portal to Amma. Music-Meditation in devotion to the goddess. Cosmic-Mother-Worship with beats to bring us Back-to-Earth 

‘Creatrix: Cosmic Mother’  of ‘PUJA Fest 2017’.