My art is a dedication to holistic transformation, it exists to create healing participatory art works for myself, the witnesses and participants of my work.

Original, experimental live-art and workshop practices invite urban mixed communities [different ages, genders, sexualities, and cultures] to engage with queerness through art that explores my gay, white, african, immigrant status. 

It is pro tolerance and opposes prejudice in all forms [including the intolerance of people who’s histories cross cultural lines]

My art is process based queer-punk, it grew out of its gospel roots, it grew from all-night-raves in London, it grew from my love of hip hop, the human voice and nature. It links my sexual longing with my search for the transcendental. 

My art invites people to rejoice in being who they are, whole without fault. 

Implicit in my work is a celebration of physicality at its fullest, proof that alcohol and drugs are not necessary for ecstatic joy, erotic ecstasy. 

Avoiding dogma at all costs, my practice carries out messages of safe sex, pro mental and physical health. 

My art is not for the outside. It is not a consumer toy. 

Daniel P Cunningham. 


Daniel Cunningham is a white African performance artist born in Kwa Zulu Natal. He performed internationally in award winning work with Teatr ZAR, resident company of the Grotowski Institute (Wroclaw-Poland), in Paris, Edinburgh and London, and on tours with Zar to Spain, Georgia and Turkey. He led his own collective called SoundBoxed (2013-2016) which ran for 3 years, performing across London at Theatre Delicatessen, Rich Mix, CPT, Barbican and New Diorama. Dan has also performed in works at Southbank, the Barbican Centre and Roundhouse. In 2016 he began a solo performance practice centred on converting the complexities of his intercultural and queer life experiences into a healing work of art for himself and his audiences. Dan’s principle collaborator in this work is Mark James Hamilton.


2017-03-11 10.23.40.png

My on-going research partner and confidant is Dr Mark James hamilton (British/New Zealand). We began a private practice in 2015, and performed publicly for the first time at the end of 2016. Salvation is our first presentation in our new and developing aesthetic-ecstatic practice that we call shamanic striptease. here, shamanic is used as a term to inspire and conjure into our contemporary western european practice the transformational power observed in extant traditions elsewhere — specifically those which Mark James experienced in Kerala (south india) and pacific cultural contexts. Mark brings experiences from his collaboration with Polynesian artists, using hereditary ritual protocols to facilitate expression of contemporary intercultural concerns.

He also teaches bharatanatyam (South Indian classical dance) at Colet House, where he is a member of the resident community of Whirling Dervishes. Mark's first training was in the embodied voice technique of Nadine George (a founding member of the Roy Hart Theatre) and in the connected paratheatrical processes explored by Jerzy Grotowski (studying with Zygmunt Molik and Jolanta Cynkutis). In Scotland and Kerala (India), Mark was schooled in bharatanatyam by Priya Srikumar and her guru Paramasiva Menon. He studied astangavinyasa yoga with teachers Jude Hynes and Peter Nilsson (disciples of K. Pattabhi Jois) and the ancient Indian martial art of kalaripayattu with Rajasekaran Nair and CVN Gurukul Sathyanarayanan Nair. (Mark has also practiced tai chi Chen, capoeira Angola and judo.)

Together we have created the following artworks: 

'Salvation: Shamanic Striptease'                                                                                                            

'High: Mass Movement'                                                                                                               

'Creatrix: Cosmic Mother'


Azi Khatiri - IRAN                                                                                            

Azi is a percussionist and community music therapist. She has facilitated hundreds of well-being workshops since she joined Drumunity CIC in 2013.

Lilac TaieIRAQ

Lilac studied Oud for three years at the Bait Al-Oud in Cairo under supervision and at times assisting the renouned professor and musician Naseer Shamma. 

Poetry. Dream. Action 


'’My art intertwines permissive presence, worship, extreme acceptance and uses them as weapons to speed into cosmic dimensions.

Reaching altered states, evoking natural highs, spiritual flow, received gifts that open portals to gods and goddesses. 

I search for authenticity. i invite authenticity. pushing physical limits I search for truth, even is the truth is bitter.

I believe in love. Love that connects my heart and my sex. My creativity is a vehicle. It's a juggernaut. it's a spaceship, it is a travelling vessel for holistic transformation.

My body brings healing conscious release of burdens. 

I am aware of my privilege. I drink so that my cup may over-floweth. 

I drink so that I can suck the sweet honey nectar. 

I drink so that I may be saved. 

I drink so that I may feel whole. 

Tonight, my body is a temple, it is a forest and I invite you to come rock inside of me.

I said, drink me. drink me. drink me!’’